Food waste


Food waste recycling - For our future....please give it a go (PDF)

Each household should have two containers for food waste:

  • A small caddy to keep in your kitchen
  • A larger caddy to store outside

If you do not have any of these containers, please request one from us today free of charge.

Line your kitchen caddy with a compostable liner or newspaper. Compostable liners are available to purchase at most household stores and supermarkets throughout the county borough. Once full, this should then be emptied into the larger caddy outside. The larger caddy can also be lined with a compostable liner to help to keep it clean. It is important that you do not use plastic carrier bags in your food caddy, as these are not compostable. 

Contaminated food waste

Only compostable food waste should be placed in your food caddy. Visit the what goes in my bins section for details. If your food caddy contains unsuitable waste it will be rejected and a sticker placed on the caddy.You will then need to remove unsuitable food waste and re-presented the following week for collection. If this is not possible, the food waste may be placed in your refuse bin for collection with normal waste.

Compost bins

We no longer offer a subsidised service. Instead, you can purchase compost bins from garden centres, DIY shops and online retailers.

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