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Last chance to register to vote

Postiwyd ar : 11 Ebr 2017

Last chance to register to vote
Thursday 13 April is the last chance to register to vote in this year’s Local Government Elections.

Taking place on Thursday 4 of May, Local Government Elections present an opportunity for residents to vote across 33 electoral divisions and 64 community wards for candidates standing to become local, town and community councillors.

Those not already registered will need to apply by 13th April to be able to have their say in the election. Residents will need to update the electoral register if they have recently moved home, or changed their name. Residents are also reminded that failing to register may result in it becoming difficult to obtain credit.

It’s free to register to vote, and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the process online  

For more information or assistance on the electoral registration process visit electoral pages or call the Electoral Services helpline on 01443 864 203.

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