Right to buy

Abolition of the Right to Buy

The Right to Buy and Right to Acquire will end for all Council and Housing Association tenants on 26 January 2019.

Early abolition on new homes only

The Right to Buy, Right to Acquire and Preserved Right to Buy will end for “new homes” only on 24 March 2018. A “new home” is one which has not been let as social housing for the six months before 24 March 2018, for example a new build property, or a home that has been recently acquired by the landlord.

There are certain exceptions if you are forced to move into a “new home”, for example if you are moved due to subsidence or a clearance scheme.  Ask your landlord for further information if you are in this situation.

Additional information

The Welsh Government has published a document explaining the effect of the ‘Abolition of the Right to Buy Act and Associated Rights (Wales) Act 2018’ legislation. 

Leaflet: Information about the end of the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire in Wales (PDF)

The leaflet is also available in alternative languages as follows:

Applications to buy your home

If wish to exercise a right to buy your home, you can submit your application up to, and including, 25 January 2019. Any application made after this date will not be accepted. 

Before you make your application, please see information below:

Length of tenancy

The right to buy only arises if you have been a tenant for two years (prior to 18 January, 2005). Time spent in housing owned by another housing authority or the armed forces (living in married quarters) also counts. You may be able to include time spent as a tenant by your husband, wife or parent, who has since died or ceased to be a public sector tenant.  

If your tenancy was granted after 18 January 2005 you will have to be a tenant for five years before qualifying as above. Previous tenancies in other housing authority, armed forces (living in married quarters) or housing associations will be able to be claimed but only after the five year qualifying period.

Purchase price

Your house or flat will be valued at the current market value at the date of application.  Any approved improvements you have made will be disregarded for valuation purposes.

You have the right to a discount based upon a length of tenancy. Two complete years gives 32% on a house and 44% on a flat. The discount then goes up by 1% for a house and 2% for a flat for each year to a maximum of 60% for a house and 70% for a flat.

The discount cannot take the price below the cost of improvement works carried out by the council in the 10 to11 years before you apply to buy and from the 14 July 2015 the maximum amount of discount in Wales is £8,000.


You can re-sell the property whenever you like.

However, if your right to buy application was submitted before 18 January 2005 then there would be a charge on your property for three years. The discount to be repaid would reduce by one third until the three years expires.

If your right to buy application was submitted after 18 January 2005 then there would be a charge on your property for 10 years. Over the 10 year period, if you decide to sell the property you would firstly have to offer it back to the council. The first 5 years applies for the repayment of the discount period if you decide to sell within the first 5 year period. A number of factors must be taken into consideration to calculate the amount to be repaid. This would depend on the circumstances at the time of sale.

Further information

Information is available on the Welsh Government website or by contacting our Legal and Governance department.

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