Flooding advice and assistance

The recent flooding events in Caerphilly County Borough has affected many properties and residents and businesses are now facing the devastating clean-up operation.

The Council is looking to offer as much help and assistance as it can during this time.

Financial assistant to affected properties


Apply for financial assistance here


Apply for financial assistance here

Caerphilly County Borough Council has announced it has set aside £250,000 to support those properties directly affected by flooding due to Storm Dennis.

All homes impacted (private and council-owned) may be eligible to receive £500 and businesses may be eligible to receive £1,000.

Please note: before any payment is made a council officer will visit your property and undertake an inspection of the flooded property

Please note: If you have contacted the Council requesting flooding assistance, please be reassured that we are dealing with each and every request and we will be contacting you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we deal with a high number of applications. We have received your form and you do not need to submit an additional form.

Council tax exemptions

If your home has suffered from flooding due to recent storms to the extent that the property is now uninhabitable and is vacant (i.e. unoccupied and substantially unfurnished), and everyone that was living there has moved out and is living elsewhere while repairs are carried out, you may be able to claim a council tax exemption which may apply for up to a maximum of 12 months.  We will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a council tax payer in this position, you can apply for what is called a Class A exemption; you can do this by emailing counciltax@caerphilly.gov.uk and providing the following information:

  • your name;
  • the address of the property affected;
  • the date you wish to claim the Class A exemption from;
  • the address where you are staying temporarily; and
  • your telephone and email address contact details in case we need to clarify something with you.

If you prefer, you can provide the above information by writing to the Council Tax Billing Team, Penallta House, Tredomen Park, Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed, CF82 7PG.

We will then arrange for a council tax inspector to visit the affected property to verify the exemption can be awarded.

Welsh Government Funding - Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF)

The Welsh Government is also providing financial support to those affected by the recent floods through its Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF). Where Caerphilly CBC has granted financial support under its scheme, the Council will also submit an application to the Welsh Government on behalf of householders where consent has been given to do so. At this stage residents are not able to apply directly to the Welsh Government as the Council needs to confirm eligibility.

Disposing of Flood damaged carpets and furniture

If your home was flooded during the recent storm, the council will assist in the disposal of any carpets and furniture damaged by the flood water.

Residents are advised to obtain permission from their insurers or loss adjustors prior to disposing of items and if necessary to take photographs of the items.

Beware bogus council officials

Residents are warned of cold callers offering £500 payments, claiming to be from Caerphilly County Borough Council.

The bogus officials are arriving at homes and telling residents the money is for victims of the recent storms, before asking for bank account details.

Genuine CCBC officials will have corporate identity cards and should residents be in any doubt, legitimate Council officials will be only too happy to wait, while you verify their identity.

Under no circumstances should anyone who is approached give out any personal or financial details.
If you believe that you have been targeted, contact Trading Standards on 01443 811300 or tradingstandards@caerphilly.gov.uk.

For more on how to report such an issue, visit: http://bit.ly/3c9s7Hl.

How to recover after a flood

Contact your insurance company

If you’ve been flooded, contact your insurance company and follow their advice.

The Association of British Insurers is reassuring homeowners and businesses that have suffered   storm and flood damage that insurers are doing all they can to help them recover as quickly as possible.

Responding to major floods (PDF) – this guide explains the support you can expect from insurer in the days , weeks and months after a major flood.

If you haven’t got insurance, the National Flood Forum can offer help and support on 01299 403055.

Check if you can return home

If you’ve had to leave your home, check with the emergency services that it’s safe before you return.

Your home or business may also need a safety inspection by the utility companies before you can turn the water, gas and electricity back on.

Cleaning and repairing your home

  • Take advice from specialists before starting repairs to your property. Most of the repair work after flooding will need to be undertaken by professionals appointed by your insurers.
  • Flood water may contain harmful substances like sewage, chemicals and animal waste which could make you unwell. If you come into contact with flood water, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • When cleaning your home after a flood always wear gloves, a face mask and sturdy footwear. Find out how to clean up your home safely after a flood.
  • Before you start cleaning, take photographs to document damage and record the flood water height. Ask your insurer before discarding items that cannot be cleaned, like mattresses and carpets.
  • If you use heaters or dehumidifiers to dry out your property, make sure there’s good ventilation. Never use petrol or diesel-powered generators indoors – their exhaust gases are potentially lethal.

Protect your property from future floods

To reduce flood damage you could take measure such as laying tiles instead of carpets, moving electrical sockets higher up the walls and fitting non-return valves.

Suppliers of flood products and services can be found on the Bluepages.

Read the National Flood Forum's advice on how to protect your property from flooding.

Help from other organisations:

  • The GOV.UK  website and Natural Resources Wales gives practical advice on preparing for a flood and what to do during and after a flood.
  • Care and Repair – offer free, impartial advice on repairs and will help people get estimates and select a reputable contractor. Please call 01495 321091 or go to the Care and Repair website.
  • Heart Home Energy Appliance Replacement Scheme - Each of the appliances has a cost of £75, which includes delivery & installation. You must either be on means tested benefits or be on a low income have a serious health condition. You can apply via the website: www.applyforheart.org.uk
  • Furniture Revival Service - offer a range of services including cheap furniture and ethical house clearance. www.thefurniturerevival.co.uk

Benevolent Funds

If you have worked in any of the following industries, you may qualify for some financial help: