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If you have been involved in the Flying Start Programme either as a parent or a partner organisation, we would like to hear your views.

What did you think of the service? Maybe there was something you particularly liked about your experiences or maybe there were areas that you felt could be improved upon. Either way, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us with your views and comments.

What other parents have said

Here are just some of the comments we've had.

  • Since my son has started Flying Start he has come on leaps and bounds. He has learnt so much. He has developed intellectual, social, physical, and language skills. My son has learnt songs and he can count to 10, which he learnt within weeks.
  • They do fantastic things with the children to do with different cultures. My son has been involved in so much with the school and I couldn't be happier to be honest.
  • As for myself I've started making some brilliant friends through the activities Jan has arranged for the parents. I attend counseling on a Monday, Parent Network on a Tuesday, self-esteem course on a Wednesday (Genesis), Basic Skills on a Thursday (Genesis) and Friday we do a course with our children to improve our parenting skills (Language and Play). Flying Start has so much to offer myself and my son and I'm so happy my son has the opportunity to have a good early start in his life.
  • I have found Flying Start a great help with C especially with her speech, and her communication and it will help with her new routine when she starts school.
  • Flying Start has given me more time for myself and to get jobs done in the house because I work full time. E has also benefited because before I wasn't able to leave her with anyone and now she's settled nicely with the Flying Start staff.
  • I feel Flying Start has made a difference to me and my village, it gives you a couple of hours to yourself and it benefits the children, learns them to play and share and gives them a great start into school life.
  • When I started at Flying Start he was very quiet and shy – he also had speech problems. Since he has been going to Flying Start he has gained a lot of confidence and has progressed with his speech. This has led him to not having speech and language therapy anymore. The staff are amazing and have given my son the confidence and ability to move forward with learning and making friends. I also believe that as a single mum with two young children it is hard to spend time with people my own age. With the help of J and the staff I have been able to do the courses, which I find educational and fun. I feel a lot happier to be doing something for myself and it has also given me a lot of friends. I thank J and the team for taking time to care about the parents and the children and make mine and my children's life an easier one.

Upper Rhymney evaluation plaque from parents

  • is for future where it all starts
  • is for learning from within the heart
  • Y is for young the place where it begins
  • I is for inspiring from you all within 
  • is for never letting the children down 
  • G is for goals all smiles and no frowns
  • S is for special to each and everyone
  • T is for treasured what the children has begun
  • A is for always there full of support
  • R is for reliable without any thought 
  • T is for trust the most important and final thought
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